Eva Longoria Steals From Victoria Beckham's Closet

When it comes to getting new clothes, without the price tags, raiding your best friend's closet is always the way to go. Case in point: Eva Longoria steals from Victoria Beckham's closet, making her the luckiest person on earth. The former Spice Girl is known for her wonderful wardrobe, so it's honestly the perfect person to steal clothes from.

During an interview with InStyle, at an event for Beckham's Spring collection, Longoria opened up about how much she loves taking things from her BFF. "I'm usually wearing [a] dress from her closet because I love how they fit — but my ass is bigger than hers," Longoria said. And she even spilled the details on how organized Bechkam's closet is, making it the ultimate place to play in.

It seems to me that taking things from Beckham's closet is probably better than going to a store. Not only does it probably resemble a high-end boutique, but it's all free (basically). And it's not like you don't go shopping with your best friend, anyways, so why not do it in her closet.

The best part about it all is that you'll never be wearing the same thing — hopefully. I only wish I could steal from my best friend's closet, but when you live in different states, it's a little hard to snatch up that new dress she just bought. Don't think I won't try, though.

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: Getty Images