Chris Brown Was Arrested For Assault Again, Everything Is Exhausting

Ugh. Uugggghhhhhh. So, Chris Brown got arrested. For assault. Again. He was in DC this weekend, and what's there to do in the capital other than punch a dude in the face? Nothing, apparently!

As Chris Brown is a person more famous for punching people in the face than for the music career that originally made his name recognizable, this is news that elicits thoughts like "well this was bound to happen eventually" but then is immediately followed by "Oh god why is that the way we think about this what is the state of our world please excuse me while I attempt to go wash out my brain with bleach."

I think it's time we bring back the seagull of righteous feminism.

As frustratingly expected as this is for Chris Brown, however, whenever Brown's history is brought up (and ugh, it's an ugly history and it definitely needs to be talked about), I also feel the need to bring up some other names: Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale, even Woody Allen.

Why those names? Well because the first two have both been accused of beating up women, and the third was very recently accused of the past molestation of a child in his care. Because in times like this it's especially important to remember that not all violence comes from people of color.

Basically: Chris Brown is gross. He's also not the only one, and we should probably examine why Chris Brown's career was tainted forever after the Rihanna incident (as it should have been) while Michael Fassbender's was not.