Jackass' 'Bad Grandpa' Has Put an End to 'Gravity's Box Office Reign

Heavy Oscar contender and showcase for America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock, Gravity has finally been dethroned from its perch on top of all the box office moneys. By whom, you ask? Oh, by those lovely gentlemen over at Jackass. That's right: Bad Grandpa is number one this week.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, here it is as worded by Reuters:

Bad Grandpa stars Jackass comedian Johnny Knoxville in disguise as an 86-year-old man who travels across the United States with his 8-year-old grandson, pulling pranks on unsuspecting people they encounter on the way.

Yeah. The film made $32 million over the first three days, and considering the shoestring budget the Jackass movies are so artfully crafter around, that's a nice little paycheck. It's especially stellar for them considering that projections for the film's earnings were in the low twenty-million range.

Paramount president Don Harris commented to Reuters on the film's performance, calling it a "spectacular result" and mentioning that the audience rather surprisingly wasn't made up entirely of twelve year old boys this time around, and actually had quite a few older people and women.

Gravity, of course, took second — it may not have won homecoming queen this week but it's still student body president, dammit! — with Captain Phillips in third and Cameron Diaz' car sex scene in The Counselor in fourth.