Selena Gomez Embraces Her Curves Like A Boss

Selena Gomez is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning young Hollywood starlets. You probably don't need evidence to prove this, but just in case you did, Selena's sexy swimsuit from her Mexico vacation is all the proof you need. The singer's curvy physique was on full display during her romp on the beach, and she even shared a photo of herself on Instagram saying that she's proud of her curves and embracing her body like a total rockstar.

The "I Want You To Know" singer underwent some body shaming earlier this week when images of her in a pink bikini surfaced. The star's slender figure was dissected by tabloids and pointless Internet trolls. Gomez now joins a long list of celebs— like Kelly Clarkson and Pink— who have been victim's of undue body criticism. Gomez also has something else in common with these ladies, though: She's got no patience for the hate.

In a stunning Instagram post, the beautiful singer displays her figure in a super sexy black-paneled bikini. She captioned the image, "I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove." Gomez has clearly seen the feedback on her body, but she's not letting the haters get her down. Instead, she's unashamedly showing off her body, letting everyone know that body shaming is a undue criticism that doesn't have power over her. Way to go, Selena!

We loved you before, but we want you to know (see what I did there) that your classy, gorgeous reaction to the shamers only makes us love you more.

Basically, Selena is beautiful both inside and out, so in the words of one of her besties:

Images: Selena Gomez/Instagram; Giphy