10 Weird Foodie Moments in Literature and What We Learned From Them

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Food is a great and glorious thing, and it often does great and glorious things in the stories we read. When Charlie finds that golden chocolate-dusted ticket, when Marcel takes the first bite of the madeleine cookie, when Toad smells that warm, buttered toast — all these are moments in literature in which food has stepped in and has moved us, has made us feel something affirming.

Of course, food’s presence in literature is not all candy bars and fancy French cookies. Food appears constantly in the books we read, but its presence serves many purposes beyond those of inspiration and nostalgia. As eaters, we ourselves learn important lessons from our experiences with food (that, like, it turns out you shouldn’t eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting), but we also learn important lessons from our favorite characters’ experiences with food. When Alice drinks the vials labeled ‘DRINK ME’ we’re all sitting at home, turning the pages furiously, and shouting: “Don’t do it!” Of course, she does it anyway, and we’re so frustrated with her for it, but maybe we reference her indiscretion (and its repercussions) the next time we’re at that work party where there’s an open bar. You know what I'm talking about. I like free wine too.

Read on for ten truly weird food moments in literature — and discover what we can learn from them.

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