Sandra Bullock Is Kinda Creepy in 'While You Were Sleeping' & It's Not Her Only Time Playing a Stalker

At the height of the romantic comedy movie craze in the 90s, Sandra Bullock became our queen. She could control buses in Speed and win hearts while being a total creepy weirdo lying about being a comatose man's fiance in — that's right — While You Were Sleeping, which is turning 20 this week. But that isn't the only creepy movie that Bullock has starred in — she's got a whole career filled with crazy situations, love dilemmas, and, well, crazy love in general. You could even say that maybe Bullock is actually queen of the creepy romantic comedy and drama.

The 50-year-old actress won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2010 for The Blind Side and won a Golden Razzie Award — which honors the worst in movies — for All About Steve, where Sandy literally plays a woman who stalks Bradley Cooper (who plays a cameraman) across the country. But last year, stalking became a very real issue for Bullock. She came face-to-face with her stalker Joshua James Corbett right outside of her bedroom window. After he was taken into custody, the Los Angeles Times reported that Corbett left a letter for Bullock suggesting that he had been watching her home for awhile Yikes.

Let's crazy love and stalking in the movies, shall we? Here are some of Bullock's best creepy roles.

All About Steve

This movie has all the pieces of a great romantic comedy — two amazing leads (Bullock, Cooper), a quirky job for the gal (crossword puzzle writer), and a cute title. But it goes so very horribly wrong from the start. Steve (Cooper) and Mary (Bullock) go on a blind date, but Steve has no interest in her. On the other side, Mary is totally smitten with him and becomes determined to win her heart.

Bullock gets to get so wacky to almost a delusional extent and Cooper just seems be WTF. Somehow, I survived watching the whole movie — I was really hoping it would get better at some point, but it doesn't.

The Lake House

Based on a South Korean movie called Il Mare, Bullock and her Speed co-star Keanu Reeves reunite to play people who live in the same house — but during different years (he starts in 2004, she starts in 2006). They correspond and fall in love via leaving letters in a mailbox. Luckily, online dating isn't that advanced yet.

The Proposal

In another wacky rom-com, Bullock plays a Canadian woman named Margaret Tate, who faces deportation. The plan? Her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) will act as her fiance until the mess gets straightened out and Margaret gets to stay in the United States. Of course, they manage to get into a lot of crazy situations (literally bumping into each other naked is one) that push these kids together and gets them to fall in love. Because nothing says love (and not sexual harassment) like your boss making you marry them just for a little bit.

Forces of Nature

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This really meandering but fun 1999 rom-com stars Ben Affleck as Ben, who's about to marry Bridget (Maura Tierney). On the way to the wedding locale, his plane breaks down and he somehow catches the attention of wildcard Sara (Bullock). They decide to drive to Savannah, Georgia, together and Ben starts to wonder if he really wants to make it to the church on time. In the meantime, you know, Sara's kinda trying to seduce another woman's man.

Love Potion No. 9

Look, I really love this movie, but it's creepy as hell. This 1992 rom-com follows lonely scientists Paul (Tate Donovan) and Diane (Byllock) who get their hands on a love potion and, well, wackiness ensues. They fall in love with each other, but also everyone else falls in love with them, too.

Fun fact: It's Love Potion No. 8 that makes everyone fall in love with you. Love Potion No. 9 is the one that'll remove anything obstructing love — which proves to be the fix. According to the movie, you can indeed get it from a Madame Rute on 34th and Vine.

Love is so complicated, isn't it?

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