10 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas to Make You Seem Like Martha's Young, Hot Niece

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Don't get me wrong—I worship on the perfect, meticulously decorated altar of Martha Stewart. Proof: my favorite Thanksgiving recipe of all time EVER belongs to Martha, she happens to be one of the world’s top Halloween icons (along with Heidi Klum, duh), and she was gracefully all Orange Is the New Black before it was hip. She's on match.com. She DGAFs what haters think. She rules.

BUT (and I can say this because I know she would shake her head and say “whatever” before returning to her rose garden), when you think of Martha you probably don’t think of words like “hip” and “modern.” That’s where Martha’s fictional young, hot niece comes in. You know the type: she lives in Brooklyn, has a roof garden, makes her own jam, and knits sweaters that look like they're Rodarte. She knows how to throw a killer, perfectly-organized-but-never-stuffy party, and she can definitely help you add some casual cool vibes to your place before hosting a Thanksgiving gathering (also, she probably looks a lot like young, hot Martha).

Read on for 10 simple decor and craft ideas for a chic, low-key Thanksgiving, from making your own apple candles to arranging your herb place settings just so (and don’t worry—the crafts aren’t too crafty).

Image: alina955 via Instagram

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