What 'Daredevil' Season 2 Might Look Like

by Keertana Sastry

Seven days have passed since the premiere of Marvel Television and Netflix's new series Daredevil premiered Season 1 in all its dark, gritty, wonderful glory, and I'm already itching for more. Season 1 introduced us to the titular hero, lots of emotional glimpses from his backstory, showed us Daredevil's frightening main villain, and had some lighthearted moments of comic relief as well (though not a lot). It's a beautifully well-rounded series that deserves to return, but unfortunately Netflix hasn't announced Daredevil Season 2... yet. Marvel and the streaming site are also planning other superhero series including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist with the idea that they'll eventually come together with Daredevil for a Defenders miniseries. So it might be quite a while before we get Season 2 for Matt Murdock and Co. But while we impatiently wait, why not talk about what could be in store for that future? I've got a few theories for Daredevil Season 2.

There are some obvious open-ended questions left from Season 1 of Daredevil that will probably be answered and some things that should appear to appease the many fanboys and fangirls out there (including myself). But any theory that comes from the comics or will allow the Marvel Television universe to keep crossing over with the films is likely going to come to fruition at some point in some way, whether it's as a storyline or a simple Easter egg for the die-hards. These possible Season 2 talking points are just the most likely of options:

1. Wilson Will Get Out Of Jail... By Any Means Necessary

There's no doubt in my mind that Wilson will get out of prison. Whether he escapes with Vanessa's help or he frightens the courtroom enough to induce a hung jury at his trial, he'll get out. But a possible escape plan actually comes straight from the comics: At one point in the books, Vanessa (who now is Wilson's wife) discovers Matt's secret identity (it's a long story) and forces him to act as Wilson's lawyer to get him out of prison. It's highly possible the show will take this route, but the situations that lead to this plot point are complicated and I'm guessing the Netflix version might not follow the original that strictly.

What I do know, however, is that no matter what Wilson will be free and continue his Kingpin ways, maybe even with his Kingpin moniker finally making an appearance.

2. Wilson & Vanessa Will Get Married

It's a given. This marriage will happen, especially since she put on his engagement ring at the end of Season 1 and considering that she's so married to Wilson in the comics that we never even learn her maiden name. Whether they get married while he's still in prison or after he gets out is the only real question.

3. The Introduction Of Stilt Man

We saw Stilt Man's legs in Melvin Potter's workshop (above), but could this silly, but awesome villain make an actual appearance in Season 2? He'll probably be reimagined in a much more gritty, hardcore image, but I still really hope we see him.

4. The Hand, The Chaste, & The Return Of Stick

Clearly Stick's mission with his ninja group The Chaste is imminent, so the question is: In what form will the threat of The Hand appear? We already saw the symbol of the Steel Serpent on the bags of heroin Madame Gao was having made, so it's possible Madame Gao will return or perhaps Nobu's colleagues find another Black Sky to terrorize New York City.

5. Karen's Past: Revealed

Right before shooting and killing Wesley, Karen says "Do you think this is the first time I've shot someone before?" Clearly there is a dark past to explore, and the show will have to explore it after letting her deliver a line like that. Matt could finds out some background as his relationship with Karen blossoms...

6. Karen & Matt's Relationship Grows

Speaking of Karen and Matt's relationship, the end of Season 1 hinted at a possible romance between the two (especially since it's obvious Karen has feelings for him), the series will mostly likely follow the comics and have Karen and Matt get together, considering she's his main love interest in the books.

7. More Marvel Crossovers

The Easter egg about Carl "Crusher" Creel was certainly a start, but I cannot wait to see Daredevil crossover more with series like Agent Carter and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as with the Marvel films. What if Coulson, Maria Hill, or anyone else from the universe is working the same case as Matt at some point in Hell's Kitchen? Or even better, now that Spider-Man is part of the Marvel universe thanks to the deal with Sony, the comic book storyline about Daredevil and Spiderman becoming friends could actually hit the screen. (That's really just a shot in the dark, but you have to admit, it would be insanely cool.)

8. Hints Of Bullseye If Not Bullseye Himself

I'm not still not entirely sure if Bullseye was meant to be the sniper on the roof who shot the crooked Detective Brett, but if so, I hope the series continues to give us at least hints of Bullseye, if not the actual villain himself. It will all depend on how quickly Wilson becomes the proper Kingpin and hires the shooter. If it happens in Season 2 organically, I'll be a happy camper.

9. Elektra Arrives

The "smokin' Greek girl" that College Flashback Foggy brings up has to return, especially if Season 2 explores The Hand and The Chaste some more. Plus, if we don't get an Elektra appearance in Season 2, there will be rioting in the streets by Daredevil and Marvel fans. And no one wants to see that.

Images: Barry Wetcher (3), screenshot (5)/Netflix; Screenshot/ABC; Giphy; Gifsoup