Why Is Lindsey Vonn's Beauty Partnership So Rad?

One needn't look any further than breast cancer awareness products that flood the market in October or the wide variety of companies that seek to empower and employ women to know that the beauty industry is very much a charitable one. But world class skier Lindsey Vonn's new partnership with BeautyKind, which aids the development of young girls during their formative years, is pretty awesome for a bunch of reasons.

First, if you were unfamiliar, Vonn launched the Lindsey Vonn Foundation so she could distill her personal experience as a successful athlete who followed and achieved her dream in a way that teaches other girls to do the same. The foundation's girl-focused program seeks to reach and support the future generation of Lindsey Vonns and to encourage their pursuits.

Young girls also love to play with and experiment with makeup, so that's why The Lindsey Vonn Foundation's partnership with BeautyKind, an online retailer, fits just like Vonn's hand in a pair of skiing gloves!

Here are the three reasons that this team up is so, so important and empowering for young women and why I am going to be adding BeautyKind to my roster of beauty e-tailers that I browse and shop.

1. BeautyKind Gives All Of The Time


BeautyKind allows its customers to give back to their charity of choice by donating 5% of a purchase's proceeds to that charity. That's not exactly a new business model, despite being a philanthropic one. That said, BeautyKind is more focused not on where you make your beauty purchase, but why, and how it can benefit others. I am big fan of a product that makes you look good but feel better, and BeautyKind's entire operation seems based off that concept.

2. Products Aren't Just Products

Hannah Reyes/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There is a real change in thinking here. Who knew shopping for lip gloss could make such a difference every time you do it?! Products aren't just products; every purchase brings the opportunity to help something or someone you care about. I walk dogs at my local animal shelter every weekend and if I could help them out even further by doing something as passive as buying a new eyeliner, well, I would!

3. Good Habits Start Early

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The "give back" element is why Vonn decided to partner with BeautyKind and it actually gets girls into the habit of shopping meaningfully, even if semi-passively, while young. Good habits start early. "We have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference by shopping at BeautyKind, and I believe this site will support my goal of helping our young girls reach their full potential," Vonn said in a press release.

Teaming up with Vonn helps get the word out about this retailer, too. It doesn't always have to be about Sephora, Sephora, Sephora, ladies! Although, you shouldn't give up your Sephora habit either — there's room for more than one beauty retailer in your roster!

You may not have heard of BeautyKind before, but aren't you glad you now did? How amazing and easy is it to make a donation while shopping for things you like?

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