Truck Carrying Millions Of Bees Overturns On Washington Highway, And, Well, You Can Guess What Happened Next — PHOTOS

Huh. Well, this isn't the good news you were hoping for going into your weekend. Early Friday morning, a truck carrying millions of bees — yes, this is how M. Night Shyamalan's next horror movie is likely to start — overturned on Lynnwood, Washington's I-5 highway, and millions of bees spilled out. If you hadn't noticed, spring has recently sprung, which hasn't helped. The bees are also not all that happy — would you be?! — so that hasn't exactly helped matters, either. The truck was carrying more than 450 hives, reports USA Today.

According to local news station Q13 Fox, which spoke to Washington State Patrol Troopers, the bees were pretty chill when the morning air also remained chill, but the afternoon is warming up swiftly and the bees are getting more and more "agitated." (A reassuring word to describe the mental state of millions of bees.) A number of drivers have been stung, reports the station, as well as a couple of Q13 photographers. So, yeah, if you're driving along Washington's I-5, for the love of God, roll up your windows.

Q13 reporter Kelly O'Connell Tweeted, reassuringly, "Just spoke with a local beekeeper, he says it's likely that 44 million bees were on that truck when it flipped #Q13FOX."

Right. Cool.

The loss of bees is a major blow to local beekeepers, but Q13 reports that many of the bees can probably be saved. (Your guess is as good as mine.)

Fighters are spraying the bees in an effort to keep the situation under control.