Can One Direction Actually Sing? Of Course, & These Videos Prove Their Talents Are Real — VIDEOS

Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction, the band has been the subject of much speculation. Where will they go next? What will they be without him? Thankfully, it looks like the band has gone on fine even without Malik, but that does not mean that people have let up on the questions about the band and its future. And some questions have probably followed them before Malik even left. For instance, since they're a pop group, some people have probably wondering if One Direction can actually sing and how their performances would sound without the hot beats and catchy background sounds.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age when there is evidence easily accessible online to show the truth. And it is pretty easy to see that the band does indeed have talent, after a quick Internet search. Though it might not suit everyone's taste (after all, taste in music is incredibly subjective), it would probably be difficult for anyone to argue that they guys can't sing at all after watching a few videos of their acoustic, a capella, or just generally more stripped down performances. So, interested in seeing a round-up of some of the best minimalistic performances of their chart topping hits? Read on to watch them break it down.

Acoustic Performance Of "Steal My Girl"

One Direction on YouTube

This showcases their vocals in a really neat way. Without the extra noise (screaming fans, speedy beats, etc.), fans can completely focus on the way each individual voice sounds. It's really a treat.

Live Acoustic Performance Of "Story of My Life"

Eve Michele on YouTube

The fact that this is live really ups the ante. It's tough to pull off a performance like this, especially without any form of editing afterward. Kudos to 1D for stepping up!

Live Acoustic Performance Of "Little Things"

CanadaLovesOneD on YouTube

This one is held in a pretty intimate setting. Apparently, some fans were lucky enough to get the chance to see the boys perform for a smaller audience with less background noise than would be typical for an arena show. Luckily for the rest of us, it was captured on camera!

A Capella Performance Of "Stockholm Syndrome"

DirectionHQ on YouTube

This song, which is already super deep, is only enhanced by the minimalistic nature of this recording. It's easy to get lost in a trance while listening — fair warning!

A Capella Recording Of "Clouds"

DirectionHQ on YouTube

Here's another a capella performance for good measure. This time, though, it was a recording!

Empty Arena Performance Of "You & I"

This one features a live performance in an arena, but with all outside noise cut out. That means no pumping music in the background or cheering fans, for that matter. So you get to see them truly in their element here.

Harry Styles' X Factor Audition

The X Factor UK on YouTube

Of course, we can't close off this round-up without showing how it all started. Like Nicole Scherzinger, we're all happy he chose to sing in a capella here.

Let's hope to hear more of these types of performances!