How To Make Chocolate Like Jacques Torres, The Master Of All Things Sweet

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Most people have heard of Jacques Torres — either from his time at Le Cirque, his James Beard Award, or — more often than not — from his Food Network show, aptly named Chocolate With Jacques Torres.

Torres has come a long way from Algiers, where he was born in 1959. His decades-long career has since taken the chocolatier from the South of France (where he had his first apprenticeship at the Patisserie Frangipane) to the mean streets of New York City (where his ninth store opened in February).

Bustle caught up with Mr. Chocolate himself at his Brooklyn-based factory, and caught a glimpse of the magic behind his delectable bonbons (and his world famous chocolate chip cookies, of course). Read on for an exclusive peek into his patented process, and Bustle's tips on how to replicate the sugary goodness at home.

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