Is Sam Hunt Dating Anyone? The "Leave The Night On" Singer Has Dropped Some Hints Here & There

I'm sick of feeling like a bad person, so can we finally all just admit it? And by "it" I mean the fact that we can all sometimes be shallow, feeble beings. I chalk it up to the animalistic aspect of our psyches — well, at least that's what allows me to sleep at night... You know what I'm talking about, though. It's the superficial part of you that wonders things like whether or not debonair country singer Sam Hunt is dating anyone. And you wonder purely because he oozes handsomeness and charisma. I suppose it's a bonus that he's super talented and uber successful, too.

So successful, in fact, that he has been nominated for New Artist of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards which airs Sunday, April 19. Get excited, because he'll be gracing our television screens soon. So, I guess it isn't totally out of line to wish you were accompanying him to his big night. Or, at the very least, to want to be in the know about who he's actually bringing along as his date, whoever that lucky person may be. So, is Hunt single or is he taken? Let's take a look at what he's revealed about his personal life.

Though I haven't found any recent evidence of a significant other, Hunt did post this picture of someone named Hannah Lee last June. And, he called her his, "angel."

Hm, I wonder...

Since then, he hasn't given us much to go on, but he did lift the mystery slightly last fall, even if only a little bit. In October 2014, E! Online asked Hunt about what he wants in a partner. He so eloquently explained,

That's a tough question. There aren't really any specific qualities I have. I just have an open mind to a person that I will connect with in a very unique way. I kind of like that I don't know even know what those qualities are. It's more about just an invisible connection that you can't put your finger on.

Um, I'm not swooning, you are.

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the same month, Rolling Stone pointed out that Hunt's album Montevallo was, "named for the Alabama hometown of a (possibly former) love." And, in an interview with, Hunt was asked about his album being inspired by his ex-girlfriend and he responded, "She's OK with her involvement in the record."

E! Online's article also made note of this special girl, saying,

Sam reveals the girl from Montevallo is the inspiration behind "Cop Car," the hit he wrote for Keith Urban, and includes on his own album. The experience "happened when I was just getting out of college and sneaking into the little airport there, and getting away with it a few times," he dishes. Luckily, "we didn't actually go to jail, just got run off, but they made it very clear that we were not supposed to be there, and not to come back."

So, whether it's Lee, his ex-girlfriend, or if no one at all is in the picture, it's clear that Hunt likes to keep his relationships under exceedingly tight wraps. The evidence of whether or not Hunt is single is mainly inconclusive, but never say never. There's always that red carpet to watch out for.

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