Check Out Lady Gaga's Totally Insane Sunnies

Unlike most of us yoga pants-wearing plebeians, Lady Gaga has never, ever been one to choose comfort over style. Lady Gaga's latest fringed sunglasses, which she sported at LAX this week, prove that. These simply can't be comfortable. I, for one, have never tried on a meat dress or crammed my boobs into a machine gun bra, but I'm thinking that neither of those things would feel too great on the commute to work. No, Gaga has never been one for practicality. But I guess it wouldn't be too much of a struggle to hang out in raw meat for one little jaunt around the red carpet. These sunglasses, however, are just so impractical.

The absurdist pop star's art piece sunnies featured long black tassels that swung to and fro beneath her eyes as she traveled through LAX, hefty French bulldog in tow. The glasses, designed by A-Morir and inspired by Runaways rocker Joan Jett, raises quite a few questions. Do the tassels ever find their way into her mouth? Wind + lipgloss + those sunglasses couldn't possibly = a fun time. Does one wear those to beach? Do tassels leave tan lines? I wonder how airport security felt about them. And,most importantly: CAN SHE SEE??!

Okay so, yes, wearing those babies would make me want to claw my eyes out (while constantly smacking away the tassels, of course). But you gotta admit, those sunglasses certainly don't have a hard time standing out in a sea of black Ray Bans shades. With summer finally rearing it's sunny head, it's time to dig your sunglasses out of the back of your drawers, or, if you're anything like me, begin searching for a new pair, since your old ones broke last August.

While everyone is busy rocking the standard aviators and Ray Ban Wayfarers, it would be nice to stand out in the summer sun, with something a bit more unique protecting your peepers. No, they aren't as crazy (or annoying) as Gaga's, but these sunglasses are way more fun than what all those beach basics are wearing. Check them out below!

Roberto Cavalli

Frames Direct, $302

Half Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses, $20

Eye Lash Oval Sunglasses

Shop Zero UV, $9.99

8 Bit Pixelated Hearts, $8.99

Vintage Gian Marco Venturi

carettavintage/Etsy, $375


Frames Direct, $483.68

Floral Cat Eye Sunglasses

Unique Vintage, $18

Round Sunglasses with Gold Detailing, $3.99

Retro Gun Metal Sunglasses, $12.95

Large Frame '50's Inspired Sunglasses

Shop Zero UV, $9.99

Images: Getty Images