This Hillary Chipotle Meme Gets Right To The Point

We live in an era lovingly dubbed the information age, where you can get any knowledge you want in a variety of video, photographic, artistic, news, and satire forms any time, any place. But no matter how much you can track down about someone's accomplishments, it's even easier to find widespread criticism for reasons that just don't make sense. That was the case for me when I stumbled across hateful feedback on Twitter about Hillary Clinton's recent visit to a national treasure, Chipotle. She has been criticized for failing to tip at the "fast-casual" restaurant, and perhaps even more bewilderingly, for texting while waiting for her chicken burrito bowl (guac added, obviously).

Who among us has not texted while waiting for our burrito bowl to be furnished? What American woman has not occasionally had a long day and forsaken gratuitous human interaction for the beauty of a quiet moment to check her BrickBreaker score and listen to the relaxing sounds of the Chipotle hustle and bustle? Not Hillary Clinton. Who's to say she was texting while on line for her food? Is it not equally, if not even more, likely that she was composing poetry about her upcoming meal?

If you still need convincing that the Clint-potle incident of 2015 was only a benevolent misunderstanding, here's everything you need to know about Hillary's visit in meme form.

On her phone, Clinton was probably her love in the best way she knows how — not via tip, which would only perpetuate America's capitalistic obsession with money, corporatization, and personal profit — but by engaging in the modern version of doodling her crush's name in her notebook.

Clinton was (probably) writing down John Legend lyrics on her BlackBerry to remember later how she felt about this moment. Luckily for the rest of us, we have this meme to capture the moment forever.

Image: Jessica Blankenship