If CrossFitters Took A Yoga Class, It Would Look Like This Hilariously Competitive Mess — VIDEO

Now, before we get started with this CollegeHumor video that imagines what it would be like if CrossFitters took a yoga class, let's just take a step back and recognize that whatever you're doing to keep in shape is awesome. More power to you. Finding time and motivation to work out is a challenge, for sure. But let's face it: our brothers and sisters who practice CrossFit can get a little...intense at times. The strength/weight training regimen is used by athletes and police academies, and according to their website, the regimen includes CrossFit workouts like WOD (workout of the day), AMRAP (as many reps as possible), and Heroes (workouts created in honor of a specific person). CrossFitters push themselves hard, and they are really serious about getting in the best goddamned shape possible, people. And they aren't shy about telling you about it.

On the flip side of the fitness coin is the thousands-of-years-old tradition of yoga, whose postures and breathing exercises are primarily intended to invoke inner peace and wellness, but which has been somewhat appropriated to sell pants for Lululemon. So, the snark masters at CollegeHumor have imagined a class where a couple of hardcore CrossFitters (one of whom says she has the "the spine of a stegosaurus") attend a mellow, non-competitive yoga class, and aren't quite sure what to do with themselves because all they want to do is COMPETE and all the yogi wants them to do is relaaaaaax.

The video pokes fun at all the things people say about CrossFit, including that it's a cult, and it leads to injuries. To be fair to our kettlebell-hoisting friends, most serious CrossFit instructors require newbies to do a training class first, and keep the focus on how to prevent injury.

But when the yoga instructor in the video says the class is going to try Warrior Pose, we all know what's coming. The CrossFitters go into total macho mode, and shove to the front of the class where they both injure themselves anew. The instructor reminds them yoga is not a race but the CrossFitters disagree: "WRONG! WORKING OUT IS ALWAYS A RACE AGAINST YOURSELF."


One heads-up before you watch the video: Don't eat while you watch it. While it's really hilarious, there are a couple of instances of the CrossFitters pushing themselves so hard they vomit. No idea if this actually happens in CrossFit, but I think we've all seen that guy at the gym who lifts one weight too many, or the woman who can't stop ellipticalling who hurl afterward. And we've all been in that yoga class with a Loud Breather who has to be as close to the mirror as possible to see their perfect Downward-Facing Dog.

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And just in case you wondered, there are real CrossFit-Yoga hybrid classes (because of course there are). Why would we beat one fitness craze to death, when we can mash two of them together and create a whole new monster?

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