10 Puritan-Style Hats At Coachella 2015 That Prove The Festival Is Just Like The Mayflower

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For years, the flower crown has reigned supreme as the official headgear of Coachella. That is, until now. Pilgrim hats were huge at Coachella 2015, judging from the profusion of hip kids wearing black felt hats typical of the passengers on the Mayflower. Famouses utilized their protective brims in order to look less conspicuous. Non-famouses employed their air of mystery to look more conspicuous. I'm sure that there are plenty of parallels to draw between Plymouth Rock and Coachella — the partying, the dancing, the reality television appeal. Oh wait...

So behold! A selection of black felt hats evidencing the fact that the Indio Valley has officially gone way back into time.

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