Beyoncé's Hawaiian Vacation Video Is #Flawless

Beyhive cult leader and favored queen of nations Beyoncé posted a video from her Hawaiian vacation with husband Jay Z, which they publicly acknowledged as a celebration of their seventh wedding anniversary (a fictional number that neglects to acknowledge that time is a flat circle and they have never not been married). Because Bey is terrible at looking like anything other than a perpetual ten, her photos appear flawless, obviously. They manage to impart on their viewers that being the world’s most unanimously loved human being affords great privileges, such as tropical vacations in stunning bikinis with your husband whose greatest accomplishment was managing to lock it down.

As Popsugar points out, a photo of Bey that was not posted to her Instagram in the below montage went viral earlier this week after the known deity was approached by a child looking for attention or perhaps an autograph. Beyoncé was photographed looking pleased with the little girl, perhaps because she is herself a mother, or perhaps she is the kindest person who has ever walked the Earth. It is yet to be known. What we know for sure is that the below video gifts us many looks at the intimate life of a very famous woman (who, it’s worth noting, currently has more Instagram followers than other known famous person Kim Kardashian).

In one frame, she wears an asymmetrical floral gown with a crown of flowers. In another, she winces at the camera in a black halter bikini, beams of sunlight flooding the photo. In yet another, she revisits the flower crown look and wears a comfortable orange dress, a white bikini halter barely visible underneath. Her cut out pink and orange halter swimsuit was our favorite of all. "Lei'd in Hawaii" she captioned the video (get it? because wedding anniversaries).

Feel free to take a look for yourself below, and bless her for bestowing these gifts on us. Get all the beachside fashion inspo you need right here.

Images: Beyoncé/Instagram