McDonalds Just Made All Your 4/20 Dreams Come True

by Sara Levine

Stoners, rejoice! On Monday you can officially get Egg McMuffins after 10:30am because McDonald's is serving breakfast all day on 4/20. Oh, what's that sound? Could it be, my heart singing with joy? Yes, it is indeed.

We could all pretend like this is a happy coincidence that breakfast all day coincides with National Weed Day, but c'mon, I'm sure McDonald's knows what they're doing. I know I've gotten all of you hyped up now, so it is with great regret that I must let you know that you can't storm into any old McDonald's on Monday demanding breakfast at 11pm. While McDonald's reported last month that they'd start testing out all-day breakfast in "undisclosed" markets, Burger Business reported that San Diego has been chosen as the lucky test market. Starting on Monday, San Diegans (is that a thing?) can roll up to McDonald's and get the most important meal of the day, at any time they please.

I understand that people living in literally every other city of the country besides San Diego may be boiling over with jealous rage right now. Maybe this will make you feel better: not all of the breakfast items will be available after 10:30am. Notably, McGriddles, Mini Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Double Chocolate bundt cakes, and the Steak Egg & Cheese Bagel did not make the cut and won't be offered all day. Also, they won't be serving biscuits past the normal cutoff, either. Does that help? Maybe a little? No?

I for one am happy that if I can't have an Egg White Delight on a biscuit all day, nobody else can either. For now all we can do is wait for McDonald's to wise up and make breakfast all day, e'ery day, everywhere. Or just maybe we could make Atlanta the test market for cool new fast food menu ideas? Just once?

Regardless of what happens with breakfast all day, at the very least we need to get McDonald's to extend breakfast hours to 11am, because c'mon, 10:30am is so arbitrary. That half hour would make all the difference! Are you really trying to tell me that people order Big Macs at 10:31 in the morning?

So, to recap: if you live in San Diego I hate you, and I will wage a personal crusade until I can go to my neighborhood McDonald's and get a biscuit in the early afternoon. That is all.

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