Chelsea Handler Has A Harry Styles Bathing Suit

You really can't put anything past Chelsea Handler. The comedian posted a picture this morning of her and Harry Styles hanging out — which is kind of weird in itself, but don't worry, it gets weirder — in which Handler wore pair of bikini bottoms that have "Harry" embroidered on the butt.

Harry Styles himself is pictured smiling and shrugging his shoulders at Handler's antics. Apparently the two were just casually hanging out on a Saturday morning with Late Late Show host James Corden, although no one exactly knows why. Handler captioned the photo "Just sitting here watching James Corden giggle." Perhaps this is a bit for one of the comedians' shows? Or maybe the three unlikely friends are all secretly besties? This might just be one of those celebrity friendships that we'll never figure out.

Handler's "Harry" bikini bottoms aren't the only thing people are talking about in this photo. One Direction fans are freaking out about Styles' previously-unknown thigh tattoo. You can see that Styles clearly has a tattoo on his left thigh, but it is unclear as to what the tattoo actually is. 1D fans immediately went insane after seeing Styles' tattoo, causing "THIGH TATTOO" (in all caps) to become a trending topic on Twitter. Luckily for Styles' adoring fan base, it is almost summer, so we will probably get a closer glimpse at his new tattoo.

Image: Chelsea Handler/Instagram