13 Spring Scarves To Solve All Your Cold-ish Weather Woes

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I know it’s springtime and all, but it can still be downright chilly sometimes, and in those moments you may wish you had a scarf you could grab. But, you don’t want to look totally out of season with your layering techniques, so you have to be careful with the styles you choose. You can still wear a scarf and look like you know what season it is.

When it comes to wearing scarves in the spring, it’s all about getting the fabric and color scheme right. You want to stick with lightweight fabrics as opposed to chunky yarns. Then, make sure to wrap the scarves multiple times to get the warmth you need, despite how light the fabric may be. For this spring, if you stick with scarf patterns that are from the ‘70s you’ll be super on-trend, and if you wear pastels and floral prints, you’re sure to look quite fitting for the season.

Check out the slideshow to see the best scarves for springtime categories and you’ll be well on your way to nailing that its-spring-but-still-kinda-cold vibe.

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