Zachary Levi & Missy Peregrym Split

by Jennifer Still

Aw, man! This one's a bit of a bummer, guys, especially if you're a hopeless romantic like myself. Sadly, after less than a year of marriage, Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym are getting a divorce. The news broke Saturday, shocking their many fans who seemed to be pretty supportive of the couple. However, it seems like things have been less than stellar in their relationship for a while now, as TMZ reports that their official divorce documents list their date of separation sometime in December 2013 — less than six months after they were married. Yikes!

It was Rookie Blue star Peregrym who filed the court papers in Los Angeles last week, but it's not all bad news! From the sounds of things, their separation was amicable and there won't be any big, drawn out legal battles over spousal support (neither wants it) or shared property (there is none) — so their relationship will end with a bit more peace than is seen in many Hollywood romances.

Levi and Peregrym got married in Hawaii last June in a secret wedding that was unplanned and came as a shock to their fans. And at least they gave it a go — after all, who among us hasn't made some rash decisions in the heat of the moment, especially when it comes to being in love? You can't exactly blame them for taking the plunge, especially if they thought they'd be in love forever. I'm sure they both wanted it to work out, and it wasn't for lack of trying that it didn't.

It was only last month that Levi told reporters of just how difficult he found marriage to be. "Nobody can prepare you for marriage," he admitted at the A Night at Sardi's event. "Marriage is a whole other animal!" Obviously at that point the pair were not ready to reveal their decision to end the relationship with the public, and fair enough. Marriage — and its ending — is a very personal thing, and regardless of how amicably this situation has turned out, it's got to be heartbreaking nonetheless.