How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home (With A Tea Bag!)

There are few things in the beauty world more aggravating than anything to do with less-than-sightly nails — I’m talking chipped polish, unkempt cuticles, and the worst of all, (shudder) a hang nail. But thanks to some saint on YouTube (by way of Fashionista), we now have an answer for how to fix a broken nail without the pulling, clipping, or biting that usually ensues in a fit of madness. You’ll need a couple of things to help you hack this at-home nail fix, one of which (surprisingly), is a teabag. And if you’re raising an eyebrow at the questionable effectiveness of this method, bear with me.

Bustle's Annie Crawford recently taught us a few ways to ensure the health of our nails so as to avoid the headache of chipped or brittle nails. For example, wearing gloves while washing the dishes is a big one. Also, if gel manicures are your jam (infrequently guilty myself), it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that too many of those things strips away your nails and leaves them feeling thin and unprotected. Seriously, sit your fingers in the stuff they need to take it off a mere one time and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But sometimes this unfortunate beauty nightmare is simply beyond our control, and when the going gets rough, a DIY fix at work or at home will save you a trip to the salon. Here’s how to try this in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Measure An Emptied Tea Bag To Your Nail

No, you will not actually be needing the tea. Cut the tea bag to the shape and size of the broken nail.

Step 2: Apply Nail Glue

You can usually pick this up at your local drugstore. Apply over the entire nail.

Step 3: Apply The Paper Cutout

Smooth it down over the nail glue using the end of a pen or with a nail file. She recommends using a piece of cellophane placed over the top to smooth it over entirely so that the paper is well attached.

Step 4: After It Dries, Cut Away Excess Paper

Don't actually cut your nail, but try to get as close as possible.

Step 5: Apply Another Coat Of Nail Glue

Apply another thin coat on top of the paper. Let it dry.

Step 5: Apply Polish And Lightly Buff

This thing appears to be so transparent you could probably just do a clear top coat, but she used yellow in the example video. After you've applied your nail polish, lightly buff out any excess edges left over from the paper with a nail file. Voila.

Images: Julia Graf/YouTube