Why SJP Refuses To Give Out Fashion Advice

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is synonymous with the fashion industry. But despite the fact that she has certainly risen to the top of the fashion throne, Sarah Jessica Parker refuses to give out fashion advice. But, it's not because she doesn't want you stealing her look.

Of course, this is a bit strange coming from the woman who took the leading role of the 10-season series, Sex and the City, as Carrie, who undoubtedly had the best closet and wardrobe on television. She has hosted the Met Gala alongside another name that is also synonymous with fashion: Anna Wintour, the queen of Vogue. She has graced the cover of fashion publications. She has worked on shoe collections. And her street style is as good as her television one.

While some might think it is selfish of SJP to hold out on her style secrets when she dresses so well, her reason behind not doling out tips is not because she wants to keep them all to herself, but because she wants every woman to just be herself. In an interview with PopSugar during her pop-up store in Las Vegas, Parker said:

"It's not my job to tell any woman what she should or should not do. I just never enter into those conversations. Because what I think is a necessity could be completely, radically contrary to what you describe as a must have. So I never give advice."

Parker goes on to express that she can't possibly give advice when there are so many different women in the world, and she is just one of them:

"That's why this whole thing of like, what's important for spring, what's the right shoe to feel powerful, is a bunch of malarkey. . . There are a million different women and they're all different sizes and shapes and ethnic backgrounds and colors and they have different needs and different desires and different fantasies."

SJP's blunt honesty is quite inspiring. With an overabundance of what we should and should not be wearing, we sometimes forget to wear, well, what makes us feel good. Which is what her upcoming shoe collection with Zappos Couture is all about. With a goal to make "colors act as neutrals" SJP's line with Zappos will feature handbags, shoes, and candles, according to the Zappos Couture website. And while each shoe was designed with sentiments pertaining to the actress' personal life and on-screen life (one shoe is named "Carrie") she hopes that everyone will find a story that is personal to them when purchasing and wearing each shoe.

When asked by PopSugar if she ever works with husband Matthew Broderick on designing any of her shoes, Parker replied with an absolute no.

"I wear what makes me feel good. And I don't mean that's a practical decision. It's not like a heel feels great all day long. I can't think about somebody else. If I'm that results oriented, then it's not going to be me and it's not going to be sexy, because I'm going to be wearing somebody else's idea of sexy."

Although she might not call it advice, there is still a bit of a tip sprinkled in there — and this is to simply be yourself.

Images: Getty Images (2); FNStylecom/Twitter