Twin Strangers Project Helps People Find Their Doppelgangers Around The World — And Three Friends Actually Succeed

By now it's common to spot celebrity lookalikes; it's actually quite fun. However, going on the hunt for our own doppelgänger isn't a practice we're used to picking up when we've run out of things to do. That's not the case for three friends who were curious enough and challenged themselves via the Twin Strangers project to find their lookalikes from around the world, and they actually succeeded.

Twin Strangers is a project started by three friends, Niamh, Terence, and Harry, who challenged themselves to a 30-day task to find people who look like them. With the tagline "Do You Look Like Me," the group posted a video on their website — which went viral — to launch the project. Within two weeks, one person from the group, Niamh, found her doppelgänger and met her in person. In a video of their encounter, Niamh can't stop staring at her lookalike, Karen, saying, "I can't stop looking at you because it's weird; it's really, really weird." As if they didn't look enough alike already, Karen and Niamh decide to do their makeup to see if they still looked the same, and the answer is yes. Wearing the same shirt and donning the same perfectly arched eyebrows, it would be hard to tell these two apart if they were standing together in a room.

As if meeting one's doppelgänger isn't already strange enough, Niamh actually found out that there are an overabundance of women who like her. The creators of the project opened it up for submissions, inviting anyone around the world who thinks they look like the three friends to submit photos. And, although it has taken a little bit longer than Niamh, Harry, and Terence are also starting to succeed at finding their lookalikes.

So, what happens after the 30 days? According to the Twin Strangers website, the three friends are in talks with a UK broadcaster to turn their month-long project into a television series. Now, that will be something to watch.

Check out Niamh meeting her doppelganger in the video below, and if you think you look like one of the three friends, try your hand at submitting your photos, too. After all, rumor has it that there are at least seven people out there who look just like us.

Twin Strangers on YouTube

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