The App You Need To Download Before Partying

by Michelle Regalado

It’s a scenario most of us are all too familiar with: you’re out with friends, you have one too many cocktails, and all of a sudden, speed-dialing your ex or texting that one random Tinder guy seems like a very good idea. Until the morning after, of course, when you wake up with a sense of dread, embarrassment, and regret. Enter Drunk Mode, a free app that helps prevent that next-day shame by blocking you from calling specific contacts in your phone during those late nights.

How does it work? All you have to do is set your phone to “drunk mode,” and choose the particular numbers you want to stop yourself from dialing or texting. Basically, the app works as a preemptive shield against your alcohol-inspired messages, making those contacts off-limits for up to 12 hours. If you want to get your phone off drunk mode, it’s not as simple as swiping it on or off. Instead, you have to answer a "Drunk Quiz" math question — which, as anyone who has just handed over their credit card to avoid figuring out how to split the bill knows, is easier said than done while intoxicated. Once you do answer the question, it unlocks the set of blocked contacts.

The app also boasts several other useful features, including “Find My Ride,” which directs you to services like Lyft or Uber, and “Breadcrumbs,” which helps you track where you went during your wild night out after you wake up with no debit card in your wallet (again, we’ve all been there). Friends who have the app can also find each other quickly and easily through the “Find My Drunk” feature.

So all in all, this app sounds like a must-have to prevent you a whole lot of trouble on those nights on the town. After all, hangovers are bad enough, without a side of mortification to add to it.

Drunk Mode is available for both iOS and Android now.

Image: Fotolia; iTunes