20 Funny Mother's Day Gifts To Get Your Mom As Thanks For Passing On Her Amazing Sense Of Humor

Forget the flowers or jewelry — this year, get your mom a few funny Mother's Day gifts. You know, ones that will actually make her laugh. Moms get a bad rap for not having a sense of humor. I think — especially on Mother’s Day — we get so caught up in thinking they are the saintly angels who gave birth to us and raised us right that there’s no room for any sort of raunchy funny bone in that equation, but that’s a total misconception — moms are hilarious! So with May 10 right around the corner, I put together this LOL-worthy gift guide. I mean, sure, you could get your mom something sappy and sentimental, but why go basic when you can go busting a gut?


My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels Tote

I think we can all relate to our mothers on this one.

My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels Bag, $11, Zazzle

Mom Jeans Belt Buckle

Are your mom’s jeans straight out of the classic SNL sketch? Tease her with this hilarious belt buckle — and get her this mom jeans card to go with it.

Mom Jeans Belt Buckle, $33, Zazzle; Mom Jeans Greeting Card, $4, Cafe Press

Giant Wine Glass

This jumbo gag glass holds a whole bottle of vino, so technically you are helping your mom stick to her one drink limit.

Giant Wine Glass, $15, Baron Bob

Keep Calm And Carry Your Coupon Binder T-Shirt

What do moms like almost as much as wine? That’s right: coupons. For some moms, the phrase “coupon binder” is actually a form of foreplay… err, the point is, she’s gonna love this gift!

Couponing T-Shirt, $14, Etsy

Zombie Family Car Decals

Mother's Little Helper Hip Flask

Sorry For Being The Reason You Pee A Little When You Sneeze Card

You May Speak Mug

Is your mom a “not until I’ve had my coffee” kind of gal?

You May Speak Mug, $13, Cafe Press

You're On My Shit List Sticky Pad

One thing you’ve learned growing up with this lady? This is one list you DON’T ever want to be on…

You’re on My Shit List Sticky Pad, $8, Amazon

Harvard Law (Just Kidding) Pullover

For Mother’s Day, give your mom the Ivy League experience she’s always wanted — one that’s a joke.

Harvard Law (Just Kidding) Pullover, $28, Etsy

I'm Not A Wine Glass, I'm A To-Go Wine Cup

Because your mom’s a busy lady with places to go and people to see.

I’m Not a Wine Glass, I’m a To-Go Wine Cup, $11, Stupid

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Out Of All The Vaginas In The World Card

OMG “fell out of”? I don’t think that’s quite how she remembers it, but LOLOLOLOL.

Out of All The Vaginas in the World Card, $5, Etsy

Shhh... There's Wine In Here Coffee Mug

Thanks Mom I Turned Out Awesome Wall Hanging

Mom Cave Throw Pillow

A weird breakthrough for gender equality, but hey, everyone deserves their own cave!

Mom Cave Throw Pillow, $35, Etsy

Redneck Wine Glass

Should I Add Bacon? T-Shirt

Age-old question for moms… and the answer is always yes. (Unless, you’re an annoying vegetarian like me, and then the answer is still yes and also, I guess I’ll eat PB&J again.)

Should I Add Bacon T-Shirt, $15, Etsy

Yes, I Really Do Need All These Cats Wooden Box Sign

Life is about knowing what you need, and if your mom needs a whole litter of cats, then more power to her. (Next time on Hoarders…)

Yes, I Really Do Need All These Cats Wooden Box Sign, $9, Amazon

I'm Still Hot It Just Comes In Flashes Now Coffee Mug