Kate Hudson Is An Underrated Queen & Here's Proof

by Jennifer Still

Kate Hudson was pretty much born to be an actress. As the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, Hollywood was in her bones from the get-go. She's managed to carve herself a respectable career and a role as a golden girl of romantic comedy, but sometimes I feel like she doesn't get the respect she deserves. While the movies she chooses are unlikely to ever earn her an Academy Award (though she was in fact nominated for her role as groupie Penny Lane in Almost Famous back in 2000), you've gotta admit she's still completely adorable and incredibly charming. And isn't that refreshing and just what we need? It's about time we start appreciating Kate Hudson for the queen she truly is.

Let's get real, too: You've probably seen How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, like, 15 times, and know more than half the words. (That's not just me, right?) And that's awesome! It's not a hard-hitter that's going to change the world, but it sure has changed several boring Sunday nights when there's nothing else on TV. Same with Bride Wars. I don't watch Kate Hudson movies to learn some earth-shattering message or have deep thoughts about life and existence. I watch them because they're fun and because Hudson is so irresistibly bubbly both on and off screen that she can make even the most poorly scripted movie worth watching.

Here are 7 reasons Kate Hudson deserves way more of our attention than she's getting.

She's A Great Role Model

After being honored with People Magazine's "Celebrity Role Model" award, Hudson gave an inspiring and heartwarming speech in which she encouraged girls and women of all ages to love who they are, as they are, saying, among other things, "To burden ourselves with perfection is unrealistic, but the joy of living authentically and fearlessly is the life that I would like to live." Us, too, girl. Us, too.

She Has An Amazing Sense of Humor

One of the reasons Hudson is a great pick for romantic comedies is because she's so naturally funny without overdoing it. She can do the romantic, lovey-dovey scenes while also mixing in a lot of laughs. We need to applaud that — it's a serious skill!

She Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously

Both on and off screen, Hudson maintains her sense of humor and doesn't take life too seriously. This makes her perfect for the movies she chooses, which always require her to embarrass herself to varying degrees — a task she nails every single time.

She's Totally Relatable

While she's undeniably beautiful, it's somewhat comforting to know that Hudson also isn't all that keen on working out, because who is? During a 2013 interview with Elle , she said something we all needed to hear: "I am like most women out there where I can't motivate myself, it's really hard. Then I have phases when I realize I am over the hump and I can do it." SAMESIES!

She's Inspirational

Hudson often posts inspirational quotes to her Instagram page that she likes and thinks will inspire others. They totally do, and I love seeing them come down my feed. Coupled with her role model status, there's a lot of things we can learn from listening to her.

She Loves To Eat... And Don't We All?

So often, you hear Hollywood stars talk about how they're on perpetual diets due to the pressures to remain stick thin and therefore beautiful in the eyes of society. Sure, Hudson cares about her body and tries to look after her health, but she's not afraid to chow down on the likes of fried chicken and spicy curry when the mood hits. Yum! Now I'm hungry.

She's Effortlessly Beautiful

Enough said.

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