Britney Spears' Halloween Spoof 'It's Britney Witch' Is Ridiculous Fun

It's Halloweentime, folks, and that means at least one thing: Awkward spoof videos from your favorite celebrities! Specifically, Britney Spears and her halloween spoof "It's Britney Witch," in which Spears & Co. read the opening lyrics of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and make the best/most ludicrous faces you'll see all day.

The spoof was organized by BBC Radio 1 and includes British television and radio presenter Nick Grimshaw. It also includes Britney Spears attempting a British accent. Kind of? We're actually not even sure we'd classify that as an attempt. There's also a whole host of Halloween trop send-ups, from a spider-draped throne to some broomstick-riding. Also selfies?

This video is also a nice reminder that there's a reason a Britney Spears comedy career never really took off — and it's not because of the shaved head thing. We love us some Britney, and this made us laugh, but mainly in that way that's like if you found a YouTube video your 7th grade teachers made on their lunch break. It's all good fun, and it's all completely ridiculous.

In other words: This video is amazing and you should watch it. If only for Britney's facial expressions, which are super important.

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube