11 Subtle Tattoos For People Who Aren't Quite Sure If They're Ready To Commit

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There are few commitments quite as intense and personal as getting your first tattoo. It took me a very long to decide whether I truly wanted one. For one thing, regardless of how many years into adulthood I was, I was still scared of my mom's reaction. Also, my skin tends to scar pretty badly, and I was worried it wouldn't heal well. But, most importantly, I was just terrified of the actual commitment. What if I changed my mind, or ended up hating my tattoo years later?

My first tattoo ended up being a "test." I got a discreet design of a small cross on the lower right side of my stomach near my hip, where it is easily covered up by my jeans. Getting a discreet tattoo was not only a way to ease into the world of ink, but also to see how my skin would react, and whether I could deal with getting more.

Also, on a personal note, I had thought about getting a tattoo for 15 years, and ultimately didn't just get one on a whim. They're a permanent mark on your body, after all, and you shouldn't make the decision lightly. Any respectable tattoo artist will advise you not to get a tattoo unless you are 100 percent sure about making the commitment — and no matter how trendy they are, your first tattoo should never be in a place that is difficult to conceal, like your hands or your face. However, if your mind is set on getting inked, but you're just not quite sure what to get or where to put it... here are some ideas that might inspire you to set up a consultation right now.

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