9 Reasons To Love Your Cellulite Just As It Is

by Jodie Layne

You can't deny that cellulite is one of the most taboo "c-words" out there. We all have or will have it to some extent, but it's rarely discussed — except with the utmost contempt. Even when we call ourselves body positive when it comes to size and weight, cellulite is hard to love.

I've never been thin (I mean, I've had stretch marks since the seventh grade). However, I'd always thought that my thighs and my arms were what would give me away as being really fat. You know, because they're the places that show cellulite. Thanks to magazine covers that "exposed" celebrities' cellulite, creams that promised to "decrease" its appearance, and workout plans that told me they could "banish it forever," I knew I was supposed to be ashamed of having cellulite before I even had any.

In my mind, it was okay to be "bigger" as long as you didn't really "look like it." So, no cellulite, because that's the most visible kind of fat you can have. I know I'm not alone in this — cellulite reduction products are part of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, after all. People must really hate something if they're willing to part with their hard-earned cash in order to "cure" it.

But ICYMI, there's nothing wrong with being or "looking" fat. Our phobia of cellulite feels especially ridiculous considering that getting cellulite isn't a "fat person thing." Every cisgender woman will probably deal with cellulite at some point, thanks to our biological makeup, estrogen, and the way that fat is stored in our bodies.

The past few months, I've started noticing new little lumps and bumps joining the party on my legs and and butt, and even a few on my arms. Instead of freaking out or slathering caffeine creams on my body, I'm learning to get over it and not let it affect my life at all.

As summer approaches and all of the advertisements and messaging are telling you that you're cellulite's gross, let's choose to ignore all that. I'm still working on it, but let's work on accepting our skin — yes, lumps and all — together. Here are nine reasons to love your cellulite right now, no matter how much or how little you have, or where it is:

1. It's Probably Not Going Anywhere

Trying to get rid of cellulite is expensive, time consuming, and can be painful — and even after you go through all of that, it never works permanently and might not even work at all. So, you're probably not going to get rid of it and you're going to have to live with it. If you have to live with it, you might as well love it.

2. You'll Save So Much Money

Cellulite "treatments" are expensive — even the non-surgical ones or the kind you can buy and use at home. So, save the money and take yourself out to lunch, stash it in a bank account, or buy yourself a new miniskirt instead. You work hard for your money, do you really want to spend it on hating your body?

3. Cottage Cheese Is Amazing

So what if people say you have "cottage cheese thighs?" Cottage cheese is effing scrumptious, guys. Your thighs look delicious.

4. You Can't Wear Sleeves Your Whole Life

Seriously, your arms deserve that fresh air and hot sun and you deserve to not have to put a cardigan over every single cute sleeveless dress or top. Who cares if you have cellulite on those arms? Let 'em free!

5. Pockets Are Great

Oh, cellulite is little fat pockets? Cool, I'm actually much more likely to buy a dress with pockets because they're useful and practical. Pockets are great, who doesn't want more pockets? Have you ever eaten a Hot Pocket?! Y'all, pockets are excellent and now your very own body has some. This is great news.

6. Miniskirts Are Cute

Miniskirts are cute! So are maxi skirts, midi skirts, leggings, jeans, pants, etc. Wear what you think is cute, not what you think will hide your cellulite.

7. Swimming Is One of The Best Things About Summer

That little corgi overcame its fear of jumping to get in the water and have a nice time, so I'm pretty sure you can overcome your hatred of your cellulite to get into a bathing suit and get on a beach somewhere. I mean, look how much fun that dog is having. That could be you.

8. There Are Way Better Things To Hate

Trust: I know the beauty industry works overtime to make you hate your body and every single little thing about it so that you'll spend money on its stuff. I don't think caring about the way you present yourself to the world is vapid or vain. But I do think hating cellulite is a waste of time and energy.

There are so many truly terrible things that are much worse than some lumps on your extremities. I mean, if you're looking for places to start: There's the beauty industry that convinced you something normal was something you should hate, and there's sexism that told you caring about fashion and beauty products is stupid. See? Easy.

9. It'll Make Your Haters Mad

What's the reason that people hate on women who love and show off their bodies? We're harder to control if we don't care what other people think about us or what we look like. While most of us probably don't have trolls who dedicate a bunch of time and space to our cellulite specifically, loving and not caring about your cellulite is going to make a hater mad. Stay jealous.

Images: Author's Own; Giphy