7 Reasons Emma Stone Needs to Play Mary Jane In The 'Spider-Man' Reboot, Because Gwen Stacy Is Dunzo

While the upcoming Spider-Man reboot has confirmed the elimination of Andrew Garfield — a.k.a, my favorite Spidey of all time — from its fabric, I had a recent epiphany regarding said reboot: We absolutely need to get Emma Stone on board to play Mary Jane Watson. Along with her infinite talent and daily habit of being one of the most awesome human beings in existence, Stone fully embodied the character of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. She clearly did her research when it came to the character and the entire Spider-Man legacy, so she wouldn't even need any prep when it came to exposition. Furthermore, with Gwen Stacy's story ending in tragedy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spoiler Alert: She died and I'm still not over it), her appearance would be appropriate for a reboot featuring MJ, being that she wouldn't be reprising the same role.

Stone has proven her ability to be versatile by displaying some pro acting chops in a variety of roles, ranging from comedic ones like Easy A and a raw performance in Birdman that earned her a slew of award nominations. Stone would have no trouble embodying a new set of traits and nuances when revisiting the Spidey franchise as MJ. I've come up with more than a few reasons that Emma Stone absolutely, indisputably needs to be cast as the new Mary Jane.

She's An Awesome Redhead

I feel like 99.9 percent of the time Stone is displaying a coppery coif. In fact, one of the few times she switched colors was in preparation for her role as Gwen Stacy.

She Can Bring the Laughs AND the Tears

Movies like Spider-Man are known for bringing a confection of action, humor, and drama. Just as Stone was able to garner some laughs as Gwen Stacy, she also tugged at our heartstrings.

She's an Ace When it Comes to On-Screen Chemistry

If you tally up the number of actors Stone failed to have chemistry with on-screen — and sometimes off-screen — the number you would end up with is zero.

She Could Give Mary Jane Some Sass

MJ isn't your typical ingenue, and Stone would be an ace at amping up the sass.

She's Got Moves

Peter Parker may be a pro when it comes to climbing tall buildings, but he'd be no match for Stone in a dance-off.

She's Awesome at Movie Promotion

It's always an amazing twofer when Stone does a movie. Not only am I bound to enjoy the movie based on her presence alone, she's also might be the best person to send to any and every talk show during promotions. Case-in-point:

She's Emma. Freaking. Stone

It's Emma Freaking Stone, people. No matter what she does, it's going to be amazing.

Come on, Marvel, you know you're a fan!

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