13 Times Kardashian Love Got Weird

Someone once said that love was finding a partner who shares with you a mutual weirdness. It's an adorable, thought provoking sentiment, for sure. One that the Kardashians know to be true, in romantic partners and within their familial relationships as well. Like, for instance, how E! Online reports that in the newest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick delivers on his promise to shave Kourtney Kardashian's vagina. There'a reason behind it, though. She is no longer able to shave due to her pregnant belly. Hey, each relationship is like a snowflake, right? Different, sometimes uncomfortable when you're exposed to it, but beautiful nonetheless. This works for them, maybe it doesn't work for you and that's totes fine.

This pubic hair debacle definitely is not the first bizarre, slightly off-kilter example of how the Kardashian family operates. And, I can say with confidence that I am certain it won't be the last. But, what it does do, is call to mind all those other incidences of weirdness that showed that this family loves each other and expresses it in ways some of us may never understand. But, I guess that's why they have a reality show and the rest of us don't, huh?

Here's the weirdest moments that proved Kardashian love:

When They Spiced Up Kris's Dessert

You know, to try to turn her on to something new.

When They Selflessly Offered To Do Outdoor Housework Indoors

It's nbd.

When Kourt Nuzzled Scott With Her Boobs


All The Times Kourt & Khloe Reversed Roles As The Little & Big Sister

If you're happy and you know it...

When Khloe Felt The Need To Verbalize How Appreciative She Was Of Kim

How kind.

When Kourtney Laughed Through Kim's Tears

How brave.

Really, Whenever Kourt Teases Kim

It's just what big sisters do.

Whenever Bruce & Scott Partake In Their Unique Form Of Affection

Are body hugs last season or something?

When Kim Cooked Up Something Real Nice For Her Sibs

They probably don't...

When Khloe Got Handsy With Kourt

Khloe, the encourager.

When Kourt Got All Dolled Up To See Mason For The First Time

First impressions are everything.

When Kim Let Her Sisters In On Their Possible Niece Or Nephew's Conception... Literally

*High pitched Rebel Wilson voice in Pitch Perfect* Uhhhhhh......

When They Shared A Quality Family Meal Together

This was Kim simply teaching Mason a lesson in trust. Way to go, Kim.

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