Peter Thomas Is Opening Another 'RHOA' Business

The seventh season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta just came to an end, and lest you think we've escaped another year where Peter Thomas uses his wife's finances to open another business that will take several years to get off the ground. But lo and behold, in the finale, we met another one, a coffee shop that will be run by his "business partner." But is Peter's Brew open for business? While sometimes it can take years for a Peter business to get off of the ground, Peter's Brew is open, and is indeed a real coffee shop down in Atlanta, that opened in early 2015... supposedly. It specializes in Jamaican Brewed coffee, and if I could figure out more about it, I'd tell you, but Peter hasn't made it easy.

The entire website is a disaster, but the "about" page gives a limited amount of info. As we know from his accent lessons earlier in the year, Peter is a Jamaican born and raised, and he's decided that Atlanta would benefit from the coffee culture that he grew up with. On his site's "about" page, he says "Escape to the Caribbean with the Jamaican coffee Peter Thomas brews to get his day started right." So it's mostly focused on selling their specific coffee blend, including 12 K-cups for $18.95. The coffee is designed to have a rum-like taste, so be wary that it might be a lot for the early morning. I know I prefer to start things off a little mellow, not buzzed. But allow Peter and Cynthia to sell it to you:

But there's a real lack of attention to detail with regards to the brick and mortar coffee shop. There's no Yelp page set up, or any other place to set up where you're able to check out exactly what they serve in the store, or if the space is even officially open yet. But it wouldn't be a Real Housewives of Atlanta finale without Peter springing a huge business decision on his wife, so Peter's Brew Jamaican Coffee is just the latest in a long RHOA tradition.