Obituary "Respectfully" Requests Hillary Clinton Doesn't Get Your Vote In An Unusual Parting Line

You've never seen an obituary quite like this. In honor of a North Carolina man's passing, his family wrapped up his life with one final request in his obituary: Don't vote for Hillary Clinton. The man, Larry Darrell Upright, passed away April 13 at the age of 81.

The obituary was written by Upright's family, who wanted to honor his passion for politics, daughter Jill McLain told WSOC. That passion, she said, likely passed on to the rest of his family and what prompted the unusual parting line. The obituary has generated a wide range of responses. Most people have offered their condolences. Some have promised to honor the Upright family's request.

But of course, any kind of political call will rally both sides of the Hillary debate. Others, while expressing sympathies, stood strong next to the Democratic presidential candidate.

And a few criticized the family for using a man's obituary to send a political message.