An Old Flame Of Eleanor's Returns

by Keertana Sastry

Despite her dark behavior, actions and general demeanor, there are actually two sides to Eleanor on E! Network's scripted series The Royals . One is the side the press and public sees, the drunken party girl who excels in debauchery. But viewers get to see a different side to her in her private life when she's with Liam or her father. That's the side that has the most promise of a better future, that's the side with the light. Eleanor's light returned on Sunday night's episode "The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune" when she spend the weekend in Monaco with her brother, and more importantly, with an old friend Beck. So who exactly is Beck and how dangerous is he to the future of Jeleanor, aka Jasper and Eleanor's potential relationship?

Well for starters, the Jasper and Eleanor relationship still bugs me even though we now know he lied about having a tape of them having sex on their first night together. And Beck has known Eleanor through thick and thin for years, which easily gives him top billing in the Eleanor's flame department. So what do we know about Beck? He was Robert's friend from childhood, and someone for whom Eleanor has vey obviously had feelings for many years. Oh, and he took her virginity. So there's that clear bond.

When Eleanor arrives at Monaco, she immediately becomes awkward and mumbly when Beck shows up, acting almost like a schoolgirl. It's actually pretty shocking considering the type of woman we've seen Eleanor be in the past. Apparently aside from losing her virginity to Beck, he and Eleanor have also had sex pretty much every time they've see each other. But their relationship is so much more than just physical. He's her connection to Robert, the one person she can't lie to and the one person with whom she still shows an emotional, and also lighthearted, sweet side.

But there's a big problem. Big. Huge in fact. Beck and Eleanor may have an extremely close bond, but he's married. That's right! Apparently he's got a wife that is looking to try and make her marriage with Beck work, which means they must have had problems in the past. Eleanor tells Beck that his wife doesn't love him like she does, but he says he needs to at least try and make it work. Looks like Jeleanor is still a clear possibility, especially since Eleanor decides to go back to her usual bad girl personality when Beck leaves her. But considering what an impact he has made on her, will this lack of change last? I doubt it, and I'm also interested on how that will complicate things with Jasper. Then again Jasper has his own problems at the moment. Things just keep getting more and more dramatic on The Royals, and I can't help but tune in every single week.

Images: Paul Blundell/E! Entertainment; reactiongifs.com