Jasper Has A Creepy Affair On 'The Royals'

And I thought his relationship with Eleanor was creepy. On Sunday night's episode of E! Network's series The Royals , Jasper was reassigned to Queen Helena's detail and the Queen began poking into his past. She uncovered quite a bit of information thanks to the help of MI5, but before she could turn him over to the authorities, she instead had a change of plans that turned Jasper's storyline from tense to totally gross.

Ophelia's father, the head of security, warned Jasper that he knew about his past and that the Queen did as well, but assured Jasper that he hired him so he could rewrite his past and be better than his parents. He also mentioned to Jasper that the Queen is "threatened by her daughter's youth and attractiveness" in case he wanted to use that information to his advantage in the future? So why would that information be necessary? Because it helped Jasper hatch a plan to save his skin, he was going to attempt to seduce the Queen so she wouldn't have him arrested. Unfortunately for all of us, it worked.

When Queen Helena pushed Jasper about his past and revealed what she had already found out, Jasper must have believed he had no choice but to play the seduction card. So what exactly did the Queen find out that would have gotten Jasper arrested?

Well lying about his past to get the security job in general is definitely grounds for arrest. But apparently his past is peppered with his own brand of drama. He grew up in Las Vegas with parents who were grifters and conmen. He apparently fell for Samantha Cook, the daughter of a Las Vegas business magnet Cy Cook, and was banished for it. But we still don't know what drove him from there to London to apply for Eleanor's security detail. But after Helena made Jasper relive all of this, he told her that she got the information all wrong. He said he wasn't banished from Vegas because he wanted the daughter, he wanted the wife the whole time.

Helena responded by saying Jasper had caught her at the right time, as she was "melancholy, stressed and severely horny." With that line alone and her innuendos about "her majesty's pleasure," the series boarded the creepy train all the way to gross station. When Helena was sufficiently satisfied, she told Jasper he had served his Queen well. And the look on Jasper's face was of slight relief. But mostly it was just anger, disgust and possibly even betrayal for having sex with the mother of the girl in whom he's actually interested.

Does Queen Helena really hate her daughter so much or is she so jealous of her that a line about how Jasper wanted the wife over the daughter really worked? Does she intend to use the information about their sexual romp to taunt Eleanor? Clearly this show is going deeper down the rabbit hole of insane. And despite the ick factor over this story and this family in general, it hard to resist The Royals' pull.

Images: Screengrab/E! Entertainment; meryforever91/Tumblr; reactiongifs.com