Comparing 'The Voice' Coaches Unique Styles

Although the cast talented singers on The Voice changes from season to season, there's always one or two or three constants: The coaches on The Voice. Although they, too, rotate in and out, they're never completely overhauled for a season, so there's a familiar face or two each time. The series, which debuted in 2011, has had eight coaches throughout its nine seasons, with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton being the only two who have held onto their chairs for the entire run so far.

This season's coaches seem to have a good balance of cool calmness (Pharrell Williams), stage momma/cheerleader (Christina Aguilera), and the two competitive rivals (Levine and Shelton). When Gwen Stefani stepped in for Aguilera, it was a whole different vibe. According to Billboard, coaches don't audition or do a screen test before they're picked — they're just chosen. Luckily, the current and past coaches who have been chosen have worked really well together on the show.

Denise Lee Yohn wrote in Forbes that it seems like each current coach uses a distinct sales strategy to recruit artists to their team. Her analysis points out that four-time winning coach Shelton is able to use his track record, while Aguilera usually finds common ground with her singers. "Christina’s approach is about more than establishing rapport," Yohn wrote. "She makes a strong case to contestants by explaining how her unique vantage point and experience from that common situation can help them."

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Yohn explained that Levine's occasional criticism actually helps build trust with his team by telling it like it is, while Williams indeed plays it cool — and it totally works. "He is often the least aggressive and direct in his appeal to contestants, choosing instead to simply show that he 'gets' them," she speculated.

But, I've also done my own coaching analysis and have determined how all the coaches ever on The Voice stack up. This Bustle chart should answer your every coaching question ahead of the Season 10 premiere.

It's gonna be a great season!

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