Charlize Goes Full 'Mad Max' For 'W' Mag

Charlize Theron is a perpetual glamazon, which is often evidenced on her many magazine covers and red carpet appearances. That's why it was so risky and brave for her to get "ugly" for her Oscar-winning turn as female serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster — but that's not the sole time the actress changed her image. Charlize Theron's May 2015 W cover is tough, futuristic, and sexy, like her character in the Mad Max reboot, out May 15.

With stiff, finger-styled hair, a wet-look, glossy leather jacket with a popped collar, and some serious sideboob action, Theron is fiercely hot and totally unapproachable — in a really good way.

I like the stiff sexiness. It's a welcome change from her usual glam image of her other mag covers and Dior ads. Granted, she could wear a burlap sack and wow us with her physical gifts, but it's refreshing for her to once again ditch the expected and throw us for a loop with the pale pink lips, low-key makeup, and that stare.

Notice how the lighting casts a shadow on her a third of her face, as though we're being exposed to the light and the dark sides of C. Theron. So ~mysterious~.

You don't want to miss Mad Max at the multiplex! Or these five gorgeous but different covers, both current and prior.

1. All Black On Esquire

Theron is gracing the May 2015 cover of Esquire, as well. The all-black outfit with glossy pants is supremely sexy, as is the smoky eye makeup, but it's way softer than the W pose. It's clear she has a dark motif for her current covers promoting an action flick.

2. A Vogue Mermaid

Theron's December 2011 Vogue cover was the epitome of mermaid chic. Even with a soaking wet head, she was easy and breezy.

3. Golden Goddess On 2012 W Cover

Theron wore a cobalt dress with a deep V, sans sideboob, paired with mega glam earrings, Old Hollywood hair, gilded eye makeup, and a smoldering stare that made her look like Michelle Pfeiffer's little sister. This 2012 cover pose is the foil to her current W cover. Obvs, the mag loves her.

4. Summer-Ready For Vogue

For her June 2014 Vogue cover, Theron's blue dress showed her toned shoulders and even with short, messy, and beachy hair and minimal makeup, she was still a glam diva, albeit a summer-ready one.

5. Gloved For ELLE in 2010

The clingy red dress was hot, sure, but it was those leather gloves that made this 2010 ELLE Canada cover stint so blazing!

Clearly, Charlize Theron has no problem with going high fashion and glam on her covers, so that's why I love it when she flips the script, like she did for W in May 2015. Keep that edginess coming, Theron!

Images: W (2); ELLE (1); Vogue (2); Esquire (1)