Lady Gaga's "Venus" Dropped In Full This Weekend & Is Totally Auto-Tuned

Don't you know Lady Gaga's ass is famous? No? Too bad — this is amongst the many questions Lady Gaga asks of us all in her new single, "Venus," which just dropped this past weekend off her upcoming album, ARTPOP.

The song dropped yesterday, and it's pretty much just like one would expect a song titled "Venus" to sound — galactic, futuristic, and totally Euro/electro-pop. The lyrics are classic Gaga, as well: "Let’s blast off to a new dimension/ in your bedroom/ Venus," she sings, heavily auto-tuned because it isn't a space song without auto-tune.

She also samples "Rocket Number 9" by French synth rockers Zombie Zombie, but that in and of itself is actually a reference much more deeply rooted in musical history than anyone realizes: "Rocket Number 9" is actually originally by legendary jazz musician Sun Ra, and was released in 1972 on Space Is the Place. The lyrics didn't talk about sex, but they did name-drop the planet Venus much like Gaga with the line, "Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus / zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Up in the air!"

You can check out "Venus" below. ARTPOP is set to be released on Nov. 11 nationwide.

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube