This Mother's Day Ad Will Toy With Your Emotions

by Kat George

Well, here we are. Mother's Day is coming up quickly, which means that every brand with an advertising budget is going to be doing their damnedest to make all of us weep until we have no choice but to buy whatever they're selling and send it to our mothers lest they die without knowing how much we love them. Grab some tissues before you proceed. Things are about to get emotional up in here, thanks to this Mother's Day advertisement by Pandora jewelry, entitled "The Unique Connection". Every other Pandora ad I've seen on TV has been tacky as hell (sorry, but come on), but this one will tug at the heartstrings in a way that has zero to do with jewelry and everything to do with wanting to give your mom a giant hug ASAP. The commercial shows children blindfolded and presented with a line of women from which they must instinctively choose their mother. And with each kids' correct guess, you're guaranteed to well up a little bit more until you're snotting onto your keyboard.

Obviously, all of the perfectly dressed, angel-haired children guess correctly from the line-up of stunningly beautiful women which one they personally call "mom". Watching the video (through tears, I can admit), I kept wondering how many kids chose wrong and got edited out, or if there was a producer standing near by vocally steering them in the right direction. Because I mean, I love my mom and everything, but if there was another curly-haired woman wearing Jean Paul Gaultier perfume in a blind line up, I think I'd be super lost and ruin everyone's special moment.

Watch the video below, and prepare to have your tears jerked right out of you:

You're probably feeling all the feels right now, like:

Mama, I love you

I need to call my mom

Mom is my bestie


Images: YouTube; Giphy (4)