Bobbi Brown Has An Awesome New Makeup Campaign

Sure, we often think of female athletes as having makeup routines that cover the bare minimum, but being the best at surfing, snowboarding, or basketball doesn't mean you can't be into mascara, too. Cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown’s #LongWearLifeProof video campaign features inspiring female athletes, highlighting each woman’s diverse talent while simultaneously uniting them as the four natural beauties that they are, looking for a product that emphasizes said beauty without having to compromise their passions for a mid-day touch up.

Alpine skier Julia Mancuso, base jumper Roberta Mancio, Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter, and surfer Kelia Moniz are four of the many women out there who take life to the extreme. Each was asked to apply Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear cosmetics before their typical day hitting the slopes, catching a wave, or taking their talents sky high. With GoPro cameras at the ready, Julia, Roberta, Hannah, and Kelia captured themselves (and their makeup) in action, finishing off their days with fabulous faces untouched, having no sign of smudges as a result of water contact or sweat spotting.

Bobbi Brown has always been an advocate for girl power, so it is no surprise that her cosmetics line would follow suit. The Long Wear collection is comprised of beauty products by a woman for a woman, and was designed with purpose. During an interview with Refinery29, Brown explains what that the term "life proof" means to her and the line:

"Beauty is limitless, so the makeup you wear should be, too. My goal has always been to create flattering products that are quick, easy to use, and look good all day. Between long hours at the office, family responsibilities, and endless to-do lists, it’s not feasible for women to spend hours in front of the mirror re-applying. They need a product that not only simplifies their beauty routine, but lasts."

Video: Bobbi Brown/YouTube