7 Most '90s Moments From Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" Music Video

Growing up in the '90s, along with Gameboys and platform sneakers, I was highly engrossed in the boy band phenomenon. While people always tried to pit *NSYNC against the Backstreet Boys, for my friends and me, it was clearly no competition. Backstreet Boys was where it was at. There was just something about their music that just made you want to get up and dance (honestly, it still does).

Today, the Backstreet Boys are back with a brand new, maturer sound that is equally captivating, but I can't help but reminisce on the old days — specifically their iconic hit, "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)." I remember grade school me, used to play this song on repeat all the time. I actually played it so much, my mom ended up learning the lyrics with me. But one thing that was even better than the song, was the epic music video — a terrifyingly good mix of every haunted story ever told.

While the music video serves as one of the biggest highlights in their career to date (aside from their amazing comeback this past year), watching it now, I can't help but laugh at all the '90s references. Check out the top moments, the music video gave us absolute nostalgia for our childhood.

The "Thriller" Dance Moves

I mean just boy bands dancing in general really. Gosh, I miss that.

Those Terrified Screaming Shots

That was a '90s thing right? Something about this just reminds me of classic Nickelodeon shows.

Howie D's Jean Overalls

Actually, can we just take a moment for these classic '90s outfits? Nick's oversized jersey and whatever AJ is wearing are definitely something to scream about.

Kevin's Puffy Sleeved, Open Shirt

Kevin's shirt is almost as great as his backup dancer's Newsie-ish get up.

Nick's Flawless '90s Hair

Guys just don't rock the bowl cut trend anymore. Of course, unless your Liam Hemsworth.

Vampires Were Dracula Themed

Remember when vampires weren't connected to Twilight and The Vampire Diaries?

And Werewolves Were Kinda Creepy

I mean I love Brian and all, but that makeup artist did a real good job at terrifying young me.

For even more '90s moments, check out the full video below:

BackstreetBoysVEVO on YouTube

Images: Giphy; YouTube