This Dance Cover Of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" Is Crazy Good, And We Hope This Trend Lasts Forever — VIDEO

Doing a Beyoncé dance cover is the hottest thing you can do right now. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, what you do, as long as you can learn a Beyoncé dance routine. Yes, I know I just mashed a Backstreet Boys reference in with a Beyoncé themed post but I think it applies. The latest video in the Bey dance routine category to reach peak awesomeness is this video of three Sasha Fierce-level male dancers dancing to Beyoncé classic "Crazy In Love". There's so much attitude in this video, it kind of makes Beyoncé look sleepy, and I'm completely not sure why all these guys haven't been invited to join Beyoncé's tour dance troupe.

The main guy (and I say "main" because he's the one lip syncing to Beyoncé) is just about as fierce as they come, and his hair is INCREDIBLE. I have to learn how to flip my hair like that (although I'm probably way too awkward to pull it off with so much style). I also have to give these guys serious snaps for finding a set that looks nearly identical to the one in the actual "Crazy In Love" video. I did have to double take back and forth on that bridge for a while before I determined it to be different (but only slightly):

Now that's attention to detail. Watch the whole incredible thing below:

Francis Calma on YouTube

Here are four more incredibly impressive, terrifyingly accurate, Beyoncé dance covers:

1. The kid who made the replica "Countdown" video all on his own:

Ton Do-Nguyen on YouTube

2. These amazing dudes who incorporated kale seamlessly into the "7/11" cover video:

thefactory on YouTube

3. The one time Beyoncé had a sense of humor, when she joined in a "Single Ladies" comedy cover with Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan

4. Rita Ora's recreation of "7/11" proving that even the rich and famous are adorable fan girls at heart:

Rita Ora on YouTube

Image: YouTube