Where To Get St. Vincent's Coachella Stockings

Of the up and coming artists out there, there are few who have a sense of personal style as epic as St. Vincent's — so it might go without saying that St. Vincent's tights helped make up one of the best outfits in the entirety of the two weekends of Coachella (on stage and off stage). She wore her close-cropped hair wild and curly, and paired her textured, shoulder-cut out dress with some truly fabulous neon orange winged eyeshadow, and some of the coolest pantyhose ever (okay, so that's a sentence I never predicted myself writing).

"Coolest pantyhose" may sound like an oxymoron, but leave it to St. Vincent to single-handedly bring sheer stockings back into fashion. The hose in question were sheer, and were covered in punctuation marks — question marks, exclamation points, ampersands, dollar signs and the like. They were the perfect complement to her performance-ready LBD, and (along with her orange eye makeup), they gave her look a lot of edge. Oh, and get ready for the best part: You can own the tights yourself! They're currently on sale for $13, which is a pretty darn good price for such a clever pair of pantyhose. Let's take a look:

Here's where you can shop St. Vincent's Coachella-worthy hose, as well as four other equally fashionable options:

1. Sheer Luxe Punctuation Pantyhose

Sheer Luxe Punctuation Pantyhose, $13, American Apparel

2. Lacey Polka Dot Mix Tight

Lacey Polka Dot Mix Tight, $9, Urban Outfitters

3. Metallic Tights

Hue Metallic Tights, $10, Hue

4. Houndstooth Tights

Houndstooth Tights, $16, Topshop

5. Large Polka Dot Pattern Tights

Large Polka Dot Patterned Tights, $14, Nordstrom

Will you be getting in on the trend? I don't know about you, but I might be upgrading my standard black and navy tights for sheer prints and sparkles.

Images: Getty Images; Twitter