The #KylieJennerChallenge Is Causing Major Fails

This whole #KylieJennerChallenge thing on Instagram is officially out of control. I don't have full lips. My best pursed lips are just not destined to pout quite like Kylie's do. I also don't have a Kim Kardashian butt. I'm not built like that. (Nor is anyone else I know for that matter.) And somehow, we're all doing fine with our not-quite-apple-bottoms and our totally normal-sized lips. It's one thing to try out Kylie Jenner's lip liner fad, but with this challenge, we're going a little too far. The way your lips actually look will always be more attractive than your lips after you fit them in a shot glass to expand them à la Kylie Jenner. You know who's more beautiful than the Kim Kardashian we see on TV now? The real Kim Kardashian. Just some food for thought.

Nonetheless, teens across America are taking to social media to experiment and see if they too can sport engorged lips Jenner style. Basically what they're doing is putting a shot glass to their lips and sucking on it to get the desired effect. And it's, well, not going great. It seems that when you cram your lips into a small circular glass enclosure, your lips bruise. And hurt. And overall HATE THEIR LIFE. And while there are already thousands of tweets cautioning others with bruised photos and pained captions, the hashtag feed keeps filling up with new tweets.

To kick off this madness, here's a video of a girl whose lips got...just...way too real:

Here are a few cringe-worthy photos from the #KylieJennerChallenge:

Seriously, I can't look.

Okay fine, I'm still looking. Say it with me now: OH HOLY $H*T.

And then of course we have The Kylie Lips, on Instagram:

Okay, she's right. It is kinda funny.

This girl did exactly what I would've done... used a wine glass instead. It looks slightly less painful.

And then there's just a huge amount of sass coming from the ladies that have naturally full lips. It's hard not to LOVE IT.

I think this trend can be chalked up to one big NEVER AGAIN moment. I think the girls who posted pictures of their natural lips are on the right page. Kylie Jenner does some out there things to her lips. I get it. Maybe it's plastic surgery. Maybe it's a lip liner with magical powers. The point is, they're her lips and she can do whatever she wants with them. Just like you can do whatever you want to yours. But do you really want to bruise your lips and generally impair the way you look? Probably not.

If you have small lips, rock them. Put on some red lipstick, or a bright pink and show off your aggressively normal sized lips. Does it really matter that they only take up a fraction of your face, instead of being the first thing someone sees? No. Do you need to pull off classic Angelina Jolie lips to be gorgeous. Of course not.

So, in keeping with this theme, I don't want to end this article by showing you some excellent times Kylie's lips were out of control. So here are a few gorgeous picture of Kylie Jenner, when she looked completely natural and stunning without her crazy lip tricks.

Her mouth is covered and it gives you a chance to focus on how ridiculously good her eyes look.

Her classic no make-up selfies. Two thumbs up.

When she actually looks like a kid. *Sigh*. They grow up so fast.

Images: YouTube; TheKylieLips/Instagram; KylieJenner/Instagram