Kate & Will's Adorable Childhood Pics

Release the commemorative royal baby mugs! Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed a baby girl on Saturday, May 2, so you should probably take off work for the upcoming week to celebrate. After all, this is a tremendously joyous occasion. Prince George has a little sister! Prince Harry is an uncle! AGAIN! I suggest celebrating by taking a look back in the family photo album at some of Kate Middleton and Prince William's childhood photos. 'Cause who doesn't love getting a little bit sentimental?

News broke last September that Kate and Will were expecting their second child, much to the happiness of the British monarchy — and the world. Just as the Brits love their tea and biscuits and jazzy fascinators, they also love their royal baby news. According to Kensington Palace, the new princess is 8 lbs, 3 oz. and mother and baby are doing well.

I'm sure that Will and Kate will be taking plenty of pictures of their new baby, just as their own parents took copious pictures of them at this stage. After all, what parent doesn't love over-documenting the early years of their children' lives? Lucky for us, the diligent documentation of Will and Kate's parents of their own kids' years left us with plenty of adorable photos. One day, they'll show these to George andthe new baby (whose name we don't yet know!) and muse about when they were their age.

Prince William Totes Judging The World

So cute, yet so not about this picture being taken.

Toddler Kate Scaling Boulders

Gaww. Look at that face!!!

A Decidedly Windswept Young Prince William


Young Kate Cracks A Smile

You can already see the good genes emerging.

Toddler Prince William Deals With The Press

I just can't even with this.

Adolescent Kate In Her Easter Sunday Best

Kate, at right, was rocking the flower crown wayyy before Coachella fauxhemians appropriated it.

Child Prince William Enjoying a Ride On Santa's Sleigh

This kid was straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Teenage Kate Kicking Some High School Field Hockey Butt

So that was her sport.

Adolescent Prince William Pensively Regarding The Wimbledon Tournament

Such a princely young man.

Congrats, you two!