There's A New Way To Flirt On Twitter

Have you been harvesting a secret crush on someone you follow on Twitter? Now you can compliment them for that witty Game of Thrones joke and send them a wink face emoticon without anyone else being privy to your savvy flirting techniques. This week, Twitter is changing its direct messaging feature to allow strangers to chat directly with each other in private. Before, Twitter users could only send a DM to one of their followers. Now users can reply back privately to anyone who sends them a DM, whether they follow them back or not. Twitter users also have the option to be able to receive private direct messages from anyone on the platform. If you choose to do this option, just be ready for an influx of spam.

Although Twitter direct messaging is not as widely used or as feature-rich as Facebook Messenger, this change opens up the possibility of love connections to flourish between Twitter users. After all, the popular adage is that Facebook is full of people you wish you didn't know, while Twitter is full of people you wish you knew in real life. It seems that Twitter is determined to help facilitate that wish fulfillment and get users messaging each other directly.

Now you don't have to send that borderline flirtatious, potentially embarrassing public tweet to your Twitter crush. Or even more embarrassing, ask them to follow you back in order to chat. It can all be done in private. Still intimidated to confess your love? Send a DM to @Crshbt with up to five Twitter crushes, and the bot will notify you of any matches, Tinder-style.

One thing that's staying the same is Twitter's infamous 140 character limit. Which is probably a good thing. You wouldn't want to scare off your Twitter crush with a declaration of love in several volumes. Keep it short and to the point: a wink face emoticon.

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