7 Alternative Uses For Makeup Remover Wipes

If you're a human being who has had the pleasure of putting makeup on, you probably understand the blessing that is the makeup remover wipe, or even better yet, the blessing that is the fact that alternative uses to makeup wipes exist. Seriously, these things are just perfect in so many ways. I mean, they are completely portable, will make it through airport security in your carry on, are inexpensive, and actually take off all of your makeup. I am, in fact, so obsessed with makeup remover wipes that I refuse to ever use a traditional cleanser! They just can't hold up to the mighty makeup remover wipe power.

Although makeup remover wipes have the same active ingredients as washable cleansers, they can sometimes leave behind grime if you don't rinse your face with warm water after using the wipe. You should also moisturize ASAP after you use a wipe, since they can often strip your skin of moisture. As long as you don't use wipes that contain irritating fragrances (no makeup or skin care products you use should contain them, or get ready for irritation), you're good to go!

Honestly, if you want to save time and money for a variety of beauty needs, wipes are the way to go. Here's a list of how you can get creative with these magical entities:

1. Replacement Bathing

Have you ever realized that you need to take a shower, but either had no shower available, or time to take one? Never fear — makeup remover wipes are here! This is one case where using scented wipes might work to your benefit, although it's not necessary if you've stocked up on plain ones. If you're camping, late for work after your morning workout, or need to leave quickly after a hookup at an unknown's house (no judgement), makeup remover wipes can work as a replacement shower. They can remove sweat and grime from your skin while also making you feel fresh and clean. The other obvious benefit is that it will take you only a minute or two to do this with no dry time, a lot less than a shower.

2. Replacement Deodorant

Have you ever realized in the middle of the day that that funky smell you've been whiffing was actually coming from you? Sometimes deodorant fails us, especially in the hot summer heat. If you don't have any deodorant with you on the go, you can use makeup remover wipes! You can buy many in small packs and portable sizes, so they're easy to carry on your person. Seriously, you'll thank yourself for buying a travel pack when you need to freshen up before going on a first date after sweating on the train for an hour.

3. To Clean Yourself Off

If you've ever been a little bit muddy or spilled something on yourself, you know how awful it can be if you have no way to clean yourself. Makeup wipes can work in the same ways as baby wipes, but without leaving you smelling like a baby yourself. Keeping a travel pack with you can get you out of some sticky situations — literally!

4. As A Mid-Day Moisturizer

There are so many days in the summer when I don't wear any foundation or concealer, because I know it's just going to melt right off by noon. If there's a day when you're also doing this, using a makeup remover wipe in the middle of the day to perk up your skin feels super refreshing! Plus, it's really easy to do on the go and quickly in the bathroom.

5. To Go From Day To Night

Many of us don't have time to go home and put on a different makeup look after work, before going out for drinks. If you have makeup remover wipes with you though, you can simply remove whatever aspects of your makeup you want to change on the run and apply product. Typically, evening looks are heavier on the eyes or lips, so you can probably safely keep your facial makeup in tact while just removing and redoing your lips or eye makeup.

6. To Wash Your Hands

I love to have a chocolate croissant for breakfast from Starbucks, but constantly find myself with melted chocolate all over my hands after devouring my delicious breakfast item. I never want to have to stop and run to the bathroom, so makeup remover wipes work wonders as wet-wipes!

7. As A Makeshift Face Mask

Another way you can get creative with makeup remover wipes is to make a peel-off mask with them. Take one of the cloths and mark where your eyes, nose, and mouth are, and use one or two wipes to cut the holes. Then use some honey or any moisturizer to coat one side and leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes. After that, you can just peel it away and your skin will feel like new!

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