Realistic Smoking Weed Stock Photos Finally Exist, Because Not Everyone Who Gets High Wears Tie-Dye — SLIDESHOW

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There was a time in my life when every April 20 filled my text inbox with holiday greetings: "Happy 4/20!!!!" Unfortunately I have not gotten a single puff puff pass challenge so far today. It seems instead this year's gift from the pot smoking universe this year came in the form of realistic marijuana user stock images. Usually—despite the true widespread reality of weed smokership—people smoking marijuana are depicted as concentric circles around a bunch of bongos or blazing a blunt just after looting some cars in a wealthy neighborhood. Basically, they aren't even borderline authentic. It's a little bonkers, especially considering the rapid state legalization and rabid success of shows like Broad City (in which two gals get high but also get shit done, which isn't too off base). Marijuana is going more mainstream legally and colloquially and that's pretty dope.

The Drug Policy Alliance made an official nod at this forward progression by rolling out a whole heap of open license stock images of folks who toke (or at least are positioned as such during the time of said photo). It's a valiant effort to remedy the goobery, dreadlocked alternatives available this holy holiday (4/20, the annual stoner celebration). Hallelujah! As a human who is often tasked to find such images but cringes when forced to perpetuate stupid stereotypes for a tribe I consider myself a part of (I am seriously this bubble bath lady three nights a week), I am overjoyed.

Image: Sonya Yruel/Drug Policy Alliance

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